GNK Landscapes logo on foliage
GNK Landscapes logo on foliage
GNK Landscapes logo on foliage
A Beautiful website that works. South East Radiology trusted us to deliver a demanding content and functionality website in a visually appealing framework. We took this on board, enjoyed every moment of the process and couldn’t be happier with the result.

This completely custom-built website encompasses everything that we love about web design. We were able to deliver a functional efficient site that worked as an aid to the user be it Doctors or Patients and not a hinderance.

When the site is first loaded you are presented with Doctor or Patient Service Quick links that are there to help the user find exactly what they need straight away. Including the ability to use your smart phone to submit patient referrals, the ability to book an appointment and access to online patient images. The site provides Imaging Pathways as a resource for doctors looking to suggest the appropriate scan, location information for each of the 11 sites across NSW, the ability to book MRI or non-MRI appointments at specific locations and more.
Every photo and piece of video footage was shot by Burnt Phoenix for South East Radiology, allowing us to completely realise our concept for them from start to finish. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Josh and the team at South East Radiology and look forward to furthering our relationship with them.

GNK Landscapes logo on foliage

“We must admit when the idea of a gold logo was thrown on the table we weren’t totally sold but when Josh and Grace, the creative genius team from Burnt Phoenix Design said ‘trust us’ we handed over the reigns and we are so glad we did!
Beyond happy with the end result”

Kirstin and George Haberley

GNK Landscapes

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